Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear

from February 20th to March 25th 1998 and from May 22nd to 21 de Junio de 1998

Luz y fotografía en la Colección Helga de Alvear

  • Lugar:

    Salas de la Ciudadela, Pamplona. Fundación Caja Vital Kutxa, Vitoria.

  • Comisario:

    Armando Montesinos

Gordon Matta-Clark. Office Baroque, 1977.

Katharina Sieverding. Stauffenberg-Block VIII/XVI, 1969/96.

Thomas Ruff. Nacht 20 I, 1995.

Hannah Collins. Sal – 3, 1994.

Dan Flavin. Untitled (for Ellen), 1988.

This exhibition centered on light as a main foundational aspect of the visibility of the artistic. It gathered together a total of 74 works of art by 40 artists. Light –either as a stylistic feature or as a real material used in the work– was the thread running through this exhibition that focussed on artistic output of the 1980’s and 90’s in a wide variety of media. Light has been the subject of a great range of approaches: atmosphere, reverberation, inner matter, manipulated or invented matter, natural or artificial, an instrument with which to see a phantasmic human body, an instrument for the perceptive alteration of space, as well as a condenser of time, are just a few of the interpretations of light contained in pieces from the Collection and which could be seen at this exhibition.


Anna & Bernhard Blume | Christine Boshier | José Manuel Broto | Daniel Canogar | Hannah Collins | Salomé Cuesta | Christine Davis | Roland Fischer | Dan Flavin | Joan Fontcuberta | Ferrán García Sevilla | José Guerrero | Karl H. Hödicke | Peter Hutchinson | Nam June Paik | Kazuo Katase | Mark Klett | William Lesch | José Maldonado | Robert Mapplethorpe | Gordon Matta-Clark | Mitsuo Miura | Mabel Palacín | Manuel Quejido | Arnulf Rainer | Manuel Rivera | Thomas Ruff | Adolfo Schlosser | Alberto Schommer | Eusebio Sempere | Santiago Serrano | Katharina Sieverding | Hiroshi Sugimoto | Frank Thiel | Juan Uslé | Javier Vallhonrat | Eulàlia Valldosera | Darío Villalba | Joel Peter Witkin | Shizuka Yokomizu