Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear

from April 1th to October 9th of 2011

Stories of Material Life

It is a presentation of works that, in various forms and on various artistic supports, configure the relationship that the artists in the exhibition establish with the materiality of quotidian experience.

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Entrada | Entrance: José Damasceno.

Planta | Floor 0: Markus Raetz.

Planta | Floor 0: Jorge Queiroz; Martin Kippenberger.

Planta | Floor 0: Dan Graham; Jeff Wall.

Planta | Floor 0: Jeff Wall.

Planta | Floor 0: Hélio Oiticica & Neville d’Almeida; Jane & Louise Wilson; Jorge Queiroz.

Planta | Floor 0: Gabriel Orozco; Bruce Nauman.

Planta | Floor 0: Jorge Macchi.

Planta | Floor 0: John Baldessari; Mike Kelley; Ángela de la Cruz.

Planta | Floor 0: Jürgen Klauke; Helena Almeida.

Planta | Floor 0: Francis Alÿs; Julião Sarmento.

Planta | Floor 1: Elmgreen & Dragset; Jane & Louise Wilson.

Planta | Floor 1: José Pedro Croft.

Planta | Floor 1: Ettore Spalletti; Candida Höfer.

Planta | Floor 1: Gordon Matta-Clark.

Planta | Floor 1: Gordon Matta-Clark.

Planta | Floor 1: Fernanda Fragateiro; Stan Douglas; Candida Höfer.

Planta | Floor 1: Carlos Garaicoa; James Casebere.

Planta | Floor 1: Ernesto Neto.

Planta | Floor -1: Susan Collis; Lawrence Weiner.

Planta | Floor -1: Thomas Schütte.

Planta | Floor -1: Adriana Varejão.

Planta | Floor -1: João Louro.

Planta | Floor -1: Pep Agut; Hans-Peter Feldmann

Planta | Floor -2: Fernando Bryce.

Planta | Floor -1: Allan Sekula; Stan Douglas.

Planta | Floor -2: Jane & Louise Wilson.

Planta | Floor -2: Thomas Ruff; Alfredo Jaar.

Planta | Floor -2: Paul Graham; Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

The Helga de Alvear Collection is the result of acquisitions made over the past forty years which not only configure a map of the collector’s concerns and interests but also possess, in the great breadth of her choices, an enormous potential for understanding recent developments in art.

Beyond her activity as a gallery owner, Helga de Alvear has been able to distinguish the field of activity from her collection, understanding it, as she repeatedly states, as a process of learning and passion. In the simplicity of this duality, however, a two-fold motivation is clearly expressed that lies between emotion and knowledge, which are the twin poles of the relationship with art from which we all mark out our connection with the artistic field.

The exhibition that is currently being announced is entitled Histórias da vida material.

It is a presentation of works that, in various forms and on various artistic supports, configure the relationship that the artists in the exhibition establish with the materiality of quotidian experience. The works refer at times to the body (sometimes the artist’s own body, as self-representation), at times to the physicality of the space, and at other times to the political and productive relations that constitute our communal ways of life.

One of the central aspects of the exhibition, perhaps its starting point, is the presentation of a very significant series of works by the American artist Gordon Matta-Clark (1945 – 1978). The series is composed of photographs and drawings that map the exhibition and point out the various directions along which it develops.

Throughout the exhibition, the works relate to each other via axes of connection that highlight the diverse ways of representing and fictionalising the world, maintaining a constant feeling of disquiet and analysis arising from the confrontation between what is familiar to us (the house, the library, the media, the body, desire, economic and productive relations etc) and the subtle deviation and defamiliarisation that the artists use in their processes of representation.

Curated by Delfim Sardo, the exhibition is the subject of a catalogue that contains extensive documentation on the works on display and an essay by the curator.


114 obras en exposición


Pep Agut | Helena Almeida | Francis Alÿs | Vasco Araújo | Richard Artschwager | John Baldessari | Fernando Bryce | James Casebere | Susan Collis | José Pedro Croft | Ángela de la Cruz | José Damasceno | Philip-Lorca diCorcia | Stan Douglas | Elmgreen & Dragset | Hans-Peter Feldmann | Fernanda Fragateiro | Carlos Garaicoa | Dan Graham | Paul Graham | Candida Höfer | Cristina Iglesias | Alfredo Jaar | Mike Kelley | Martin Kippenberger | Jürgen Klauke | Jac Leirner | Mark Lombardi | João Louro | Jorge Macchi | Gordon Matta-Clark | Bruce Nauman | Ernesto Neto | Hélio Oiticica & Neville d´Almeida | Gabriel Orozco | Tony Oursler | Jorge Queiroz | Markus Raetz | Thomas Ruff | Julião Sarmento | Gregor Schneider | Thomas Schütte | Allan Sekula | Ettore Spalletti | Adriana Varejão | Jeff Wall | Lawrence Weiner | Jane & Louise Wilson

Comisario: Delfim Sardo (1962)

Lives and works in Lisbon.
An independent curator since 1991, he has been the Director of the Centro Cultural de Belém and a consultant for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon).
He was the Executive Commissioner of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2010.
He was the Commissioner of the Portuguese Representation at the 48th Venice Biennale (artist, Jorge Molder).
He was also the Commissioner of the Portuguese representation at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 (architects: Siza Vieira, Aires Mateus, Carrilho da Graça, Bak Gordon/films by Filipa César, João Salavisa, Julião Sarmento, João Onofre).
He regularly works as an essayist.

Published books: Luxury Bound, the photography of Jorge Molder (Electa, Milão, 1999); Helena Almeida: Pés no chão, cabeça no céu (Bial/CCB, Lisboa, 2004); Pintura Redux (Público Serralves, 2006); A Visão em Apneia, escritos sobre artistas (Babel/Athena, 2011)
He is a lecturer at the Universidade de Coimbra.