Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear



The Centre does not have its own parking for visitors, but there are accessible municipal squares nearby.

The entrance to the Centro de Artes Visuales has a staircase that is made accessible to wheelchair users via a stair lift. Here, a member of the gallery assistance team can activate the platform.

The other galleries and rooms in the Centre are fully accessible both horizontally and vertically.

Circulation and doors

The Centre’s entrance door is glass, identified with the Foundation’s logo and the wings open when a movement sensor is activated.

The other doors are made of wood and so there is a considerable contrast between them and the walls; they are inset and so clearly identifiable by blind people; they are always held open by magnetic retainers and the doorways are wide enough to allow wheelchairs to pass through.

All corridors are wide enough to allow wheelchairs and guide dogs to pass along them.


All floors are connected vertically by a lift. It has visual numbering, in relief. The dimensions (3.50m wide x 2.44m deep) and the capacity (3,500Kg / 46 persons) allow wheelchairs to enter, permitting groups of visitors with physical disabilities to move easily from one space to another, together.

The lift can be used on demand. Our gallery staff is prepared for your visit and will help you access it.


There are seats throughout the halls on all floors except -2 and, depending on the kind of exhibition, there may be benches in the exhibition galleries.


The visitor service desk is adapted, by height and location, for short visitors and wheelchair users.

Adapted WC

There is a fully adapted WC on the main floor of the Centre.


The information and emergency signage uses internationally standardized pictograms. If there are any signs that you cannot understand or identify, please speak to the gallery staff.


In the passage next to the lift there are general plans for visitors.

Wheelchair loan

The Centre has a wheelchair for free loan to those visitors who require one. Please ask at reception. Your request will be recorded and the borrower’s personal details, including an identity card number (or passport or similar), will be taken.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are admitted, on prior presentation of the appropriate documentation.


Visually impaired visitors can request a magnifier for reading gallery leaflets, texts and signs about the works displayed.

Audio induction loop

The reception desk has a sound amplification system that uses an induction loop for users of hearing aids with the “T” (telecoil) position.

Personal induction loops

The Centre has a free service offering those with hearing loss the loan of personal induction loops, allowing users of hearing aids with the “T” position to participate normally in the services offered by the Centre: guided tours, workshops, conferences, courses or meetings.

Please request one at reception. In order to use it, you will have to register and then leave your identity card, passport or similar as a deposit until the device is returned.

Accessible app

All apps so far released by the Foundation have VoiceOver technology and we are working to improve and expand our range of services. Soon, an application for mobile devices with an Android or iOS operating system will be available, offering assistance and information to all museum visitors and specifically those with a disability. This app will have videos in Spanish sign language with subtitles, audio-descriptions and supplementary information about the temporary exhibition showing in the Centre’s galleries. Visitors with a hearing aid or cochlear implant can use the app with a compatible induction loop.

Downloading to visitors’ own devices and the loan of equipment to people or groups with a disability is free. Just ask for the download code at the reception desk or request a device for use (compatible with cochlear implants or hearing aids with “T” position). There is a limited availability of these devices, so we recommend that you book by phone on 927626414 or with an email to accesibilidad@fundacionhelgadealvear.es.

Displaying the works

The parameters for determining the lighting, signage, height and distance conditions of the works exhibited are governed by artistic and conservation criteria or respect artistic intentions; these aspects may mean that the artworks are not displayed with optimum visibility.

Information staff

Gallery staff is trained to offer advice on the Centre’s services, exhibitions and activities, solve your doubts and offer support with any needs you might have during your visit. These staff members can help you access the stair lift or lift, attend to you at reception, at the cloakroom or with any other need that might arise. They can be identified by their black uniform and identity card, and they are located in the entrance hall, at reception and in each of the galleries on the different floors of the Centre.


The library is the only public space in the Centre which is not accessible, but if you wish to consult any material we can make it available in the Reading Room on the main floor. Until the new building opens, the consultation service is restricted for all users, on demand and with the Centre’s prior authorization.

Check our catalogue and make here your request.


There is a cloakroom on the main floor. Please ask at reception.

Health assistance

If, during your visit, any health requirements arise, the Centre has a first-aid kit and defibrillator, located in the cloakroom and the staff is trained to help you with anything you need.

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