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Imagen de la obra

Studies on Mysticism (Dark Blue Iridescent Target)

Autor: Partegàs, Ester

Clasificación genérica: Pintura

Objeto: Cuadro

Datación: 2017

Técnica: Acrílico aerografiado sobre cartón de envase de alimentación

Dimensiones: Altura = 33,9 cm; Anchura = 33,5 cm

Nº ref. / Edición: 41657

Observaciones: "Studies on Mysticism (2017) is a series of airbrushed works painted directly on the surface of flattened product wrappers, such as chewing gum or cookie boxes. I reproduce the original product background graphics omitting any foreground registers - such as words or logos or images- with the purpose of revealing the transcendental metaphysical promise the products present. I am looking for. With these works, I want to point to produce a sense of light and space foreign to the hustle of everyday living, and point to the potential for the metaphysical and the divine to present themselves in the most unexpected." [Texto de Ester Partegàs]

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