Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear

from April 26th of 2014 to April 5th of 2015

The Tears of Things

  • Venue:


  • Curator:

    Marta Gili

Las lágrimas de las cosas

Ed Ruscha | Foto-Photo. Joaquín Cortés

Las lágrimas de las cosas

James Casebere – Frank Thiel | Foto-Photo. Joaquín Cortés

Las lágrimas de las cosas

Gordon Matta-Clark | Foto-Photo. Joaquín Cortés

Las lágrimas de las cosas

Hannah Collins – Paul Graham | Foto-Photo. Joaquín Cortés

Las lágrimas de las cosas

Ai Weiwei | Foto-Photo. Joaquín Cortés

“Is there any place left on earth unhaunted by our sorrows?… Tears in the nature of things, hearts touched by human transience.”

Virgil. Aeneid, Book I

If there is a place in the world where the tears of things and the tears of the human being can mingle, poetic and politically, their destinies, this is in the territory of the image. The photography registers the appearance of the things and confers them another order of existence, displacing them to other times, to other meanings, to other statuses of visibility. Perhaps the tears of things weep precisely because of this exile from reality to representation and, perhaps because all things participate in some way in the conflicts and melancholies of those who see them.

Photography and the moving image, working sometimes as a document, sometimes as a concept, or sometimes occupying the spaces between them, have become a territory that is favourable for exploring reflexively both our way of being in the world and the new semi-autonomous status of the photographic medium. The exhibition The Tears of Things takes as a pretext the falsely inanimate appearance of things to select a series of artworks of the Helga de Alvear Collection that in same way displace the place of the things to give form to new accounts that blur the opposition between private and public, exterior and interior, before and after, subject and object.

The exhibition is organised into five spheres, fully open and interchangeable. This is not a matter of boxing works and artists, but to evoke possible connections and disconnections between the histories of the things represented and our own, between the “tears of things” and the tears of everyone.


Ignasi Aballí | Helena Almeida | Francis Alÿs | Bernd & Hilla Becher | Vanessa Beecroft | Anna & Bernhard Blume | Martin Boyce | James Casebere | Hannah Collins | Thomas Demand | Stan Douglas | Nam Goldin | Jack Goldstein | Paul Graham | Rodney Graham | Hans-Peter Feldmann | Fischli & Weiss | Joan Fontcuberta | Andreas Gursky | Jitka Hanzalovà | José Antonio Hernández-Diez | Candida Höfer | Pierre Huyghe | Robert Mapplethorpe | Christian Marclay | Gordon Matta-Clark | Ryuji Miyamoto | Jorge Molder | Meret Oppenheim | Gabriel Orozco | João Penalva | Thomas Ruff | Edward Ruscha | Allan Sekula | Montserrat Soto | Frank Thiel | Eulàlia Valldosera | Jeff Wall | Mark Wallinger | Chen Wei | Ai Weiwei | Jane & Louise Wilson | Edwin Zwakman

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