Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear

from June 3th 2010 to February 20th 2011

Margins of Silence

  • Lugar:

    Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear, Cáceres

  • Comisario:

    José María Viñuela

Planta | Floor 0: Jack Pierson; Pepe Espaliú.

Planta | Floor 0: Walid Raad; Cildo Meireles; Carsten Höller.

Planta | Floor 0: Imi Knoebel; Juan Uslé; Wolfgang Tillmans.

Planta | Floor 1: Donald Judd; Ettore Spalletti; Thomas Demand; Rodney Gradham; Andreas Gursky; Roni Horn.

Planta | Floor 1: Jason Rhoades.

The body of works on display in the exhibition presented here have been chosen because they illustrate, in a wide-ranging and approximate way, some of the concepts related to silence, and to the trail of changes these ideas have had on the attitudes of artists since the sixties last century. The “margins of silence” symbolically encloses, therefore, the permeability of a specific place. A permeability that must flow in order to enable the dialogue with these works to attain the required level of intensity in each particular case. On display in this exhibition are works by many artists that form part of the history of art and have signposted some of the most frequented routes in its development over the past five decades. mAlso on display are works by younger artists who have been very active, though not in the mainstream, in creating their own unclassifiable languages. The first exhibition to be held at the Centro de Artes Visuales de Cáceres endeavours to convey the range of crucial moments for the development of recent art encompassed by the Collection and the singularity of the works of art, ideas, methods and techniques that converge in it to build its appeal. In addition, the current selection faithfully reflects the evolution of Helga de Alvear’s artistic concerns and the affinities she has developed as her experience has grown in a field where one needs to be receptive and constantly alert. In this show the works on display are going to converse with the space and also with each other in a three-part interplay, thus allowing the artistic experience to achieve its full expressive potential.


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