Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear






The Helga de Alvear Foundation has always had a public service vocation in favour of universal accessibility and it has acquired, over the years, the commitment to become an inclusive, social space. Making the Centro de Artes Visuales a place for individual development, for the promotion of reflection and education with regard to critical thinking and values, boosting the capacities of all, makes us what we are today. Now, and thanks to the cooperation of the Obra Social La Caixa social fund, we present a Centre that is accessible not only physically, but also intellectually and culturally. This is made possible with the By/For Everyone; Accessible Art project, which unites the goals of physical accessibility with those of accessibility in terms of knowledge, information, participation and creation, adopting diverse means that range from the design of an educational programme to the use of the new technologies as e-inclusive tools, as well as initiatives for giving an active role to visitors with a disability, through participation. This project is not merely temporary or occasional, but is being implanted into the Foundation’s day-to-day activities through a set of durable and flexible actions, formats and tools. Our goal is for the Centre to be an open forum, a meeting place for all, where artistic heritage becomes a tool for intervention and social integration, and where exercising one’s citizenship creates stable links.

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