Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear

from February 26, 2021


Helga de Alvear Collection

International artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Kandinsky, Picasso, Louise Bourgeois, Helena Almeida or Ai Weiwei are part of a journey that reflects Helga de Alvear's passion for the art of our present.


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The sensory and intellectual experience provided by the building of the Helga de Alvear Museum allowed us to see and reflect on how a space materialises and inspired this exhibition. A project that aims to delve into the ways in which the works of art that make up the Helga de Alvear Collection propose, construct, and even lie about space and how it is experienced. It does not seek to interpret space as a place or monument; as a location or extension; nor to approach it from its identification with architecture, whether real or imagined, although it is inevitably present. The goal is to show works of art that deal with the representation of space, to reflect on how artists have reproduced, interpreted, imagined, denied, or deconstructed it. And not only from a formal point of view, addressing its possibilities, its limitations, and its transgressions -although this formal approach may become apparently dominant somewhere along the way- but also bringing into play other social, political, economic, and emotional implications attached to the systems of representation like a second skin or hidden behind them, lurking, waiting for the spectator’s sensory cognition to reactivate them.

This exhibition is the result of selecting a set of works that see space as a home and refuge, as a place where the individual body relates to the social body, as the context of new ways of life that change to its rhythm, as promises of fragile or indefinite contours, as projects with no future, with no real possibility of execution or habitability, or as abstractions that generate spaces whose only horizon seems to be the creation of new spatialities and dysfunctionalised atmospheres, which achieve total dematerialisation through the most intangible of materials: light.

We are dealing with a group of works that, focusing on the representation of space or the generation of space, transcends its conception as such and embraces other interpretations and implications that allow space to be transformed into something more than space.


The Helga de Alvear Foundation Visual Arts Center due to the works necessary for it’s integration into the new project will close its doors and reopen them when the Helga de Alvear Museum opens in 2020. We apologize for the … Read more